Covid & Equipment Break

I have been away for a long time due to catching Covid and having equipment issues. Despite having had both vaccines (now 3 with the booster) I came down with Covid. Before contracting this I had some very serious asthma issues. Both illnesses seriously impacted my ability to stay involved in any Resolute work, since first having both in sequence then both at the same time meant my work was cut out for me just to keep breathing. Adding to my hiatus were my equipment issues: my very old Mac finally died then I had to learn how to use my new iPad Pro so I could use it as my laptop replacement

The long and short of it is I have had a long period of inactivity which I now intend to cut short! Monday will see me back in the saddle again. Or in the case of HMS Resolute Monday will find me back on deck ready to steer into the autumn and winter with renewed energy.

By Elizabeth Matthews

Leading authority on HMS Resolute

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