We have some new Resolutes to welcome to the Resolute website! One is a direct descendent of Francis Leopold McClintock and another is a direct descendent of one of Resolute’s Royal Marines. I encourage them say more about themselves if they want to by commenting on this blog post. We also have another new member who has been very interested in all things Franklin for quite a few years now. All of them have come from the Remembering Franklin Facebook page which I just recently joined myself.

I do have a long time and faithful Resolute who bears the Kellett name, though he cannot be a direct descendent of my hero Captain Kellett since Henry Kellett never married and had no children. Martin has been faithfully following me for years and I consider him a dear friend now. I am hoping some more of my Facebook followers will register here as we go along, but I am so glad to have folks coming here from the Remembering Franklin FB page.

Martin asked me a question quite a while ago about some graves, but answering it got lost in the shuffle of life. I have started a blog post about it today, which I will publish soon.

By Elizabeth Matthews

Leading authority on HMS Resolute

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